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Vision AVTR was an incredible journey.
Coming up with a futuristic car inspired by the movie Avatar is not easy. 
There were so many people and ideas involved from the very beginning.

I was able to develop early stage proportional models and visualizations with my team.
We also made several 3D-printed prototypes to understand shape and effect.
As the final design was selected, I developed the exterior design together with Alexander Dang, who was the lead designer.
Being the hub for exterior shape-data was a dream for me. 
I was involved in all major digital presentations and created a lot of exterior content for those, 
I was deeply involved in making the car producable, 
which showed to be a challenge.
Till the very end I actually created production-data myself. 

Dream project.
I was lucky enough being one of the few sent to CES2020 for showing our Vision AVTR to so many interested people. It was a beautifully prepared guided experience, taking people into the world of our functional showcar.
The car made a midnight ride on the Las Vegas strip. Clash of Worlds!
There are many great pictures and videos of the car on the net. Please check them!
Here are some pictures of the incredible journey to the final showcar.
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