(Please note that this is my personal website and opinion and is not representing Mercedes-Benz AG)

Concept IAA was a great team-achievement allover Mercedes-Benz R&D.
This car is an art-sculpture while standing still, but becomes an aerodynamic master when driving by active body changes.
To get there, we needed some unconventional solutions, that i love to revisit till today.
I recommend you watch an explanatory video to fully understand the car.

This was a lot of fun. I am really thankful having been part of the crew.
I was developing some early stage models and rejoined the project when it was about to translate the chosen design 
into a detailed fully working showcar with Bastian Baudy, the lead designer.
Next to some surface-finishing, i was involved in developing exterior-design elements and functional parts like the rims, 
the grill-curtain and the rear fuselage. 
We prepared many realtime 3D-Shows to go through animations, functions and aesthetics.
( sketches by Bastian Baudy )
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